Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Floral skirts are all the rage

It's hot.  It was almost 100 degrees at work today.  The hilarious part is that it will be in the mid-sixties in about 5 days.  I've lived here all my life but I've never quite adapted to the drastic changes in the weather.  Anyhow, the fact that it's hot means that, once again, I'm looking at my warm weather clothes wondering what to wear.  Monday night I decided something new was in order for work on Tuesday.

I began with this dress:

It was another dress I could imagine your mom wearing in the 80s.  I actually think it was homemade.  There was no tag and a lot of the seams were...less than perfect.  I've had this dress for months and really could not figure out what to do with it.  The whole time I was thinking of creating another dress, but Monday I had an epiphany; I could make it a skirt!

First I cut the dress in half.

My original plan was to use the waistband from another skirt, but the other skirt had a zipper and I didn't realize until I attached the waistband that it wouldn't work on a zipperless skirt.  So in my frustration, I moved on to creating a casing for elastic without taking any pictures.  I was also incredibly determined to complete the skirt that night so instead of waiting until I could get thicker elastic, I used this:

For those of you who don't know, attaching a safety pin to the end of the elastic is a great way to push it through elastic casing.
Once I was done with that, I sewed the ends of the elastic together and sewed the casing closed.

The final product

Cute, right?  The lightweight fabric was perfect for a hot day.

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