Friday, July 27, 2012

More maxi please

Oh friends.  I may be turning over a new fashion leaf.  (Is there such a thing as a "fashion leaf?")

I'm really starting to like this maxi dress business.  When I'm wearing a long dress I feel like some sort of woodland princess.  You know, like I could go out and frolic in the forest with the faeries.  It's kind of magical.

I got this dress a few months ago.  I think I paid $3.

I also think it may have been a night gown. It's totally sheer, which is why the first round of picture I took will not be displayed on this here blog.  I definitely put a slip on once I realized what was happening.

I love the colors and the pretty flowers.  I was drawn to it immediately.

I really hummed and hawed over what to do with this piece.  Eventually I just decided simple is better.  All I did was take in the sides and the sleeves.
I also added a belt, because belts make everything better.

Pretty, right?

Now if only I could find a forest to frolic in...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quick One

Got it for 2 bucks at Goodwill.

Cut off the sleeves and took in the sides.

Wore it to work today.

P.S.  All items in this outfit, except the shoes and earrings, were thrifted.  Thrifted top, thrifted skirt, thrifted belt, thrifted necklace.   Thrifty, thrifty, thrifty!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hippy Chic

I broke a rule, friends.  I must confess.  I've told you a few times, being the shorty that I am, wearing skirts and dresses below the knee just isn't flattering.  It makes me look stinkin' short.  Which I am, but there's no need to bring attention to the matter.  
Anyhow, I've held fast to this rule for a good few years.  Then I came across this dress.

I got it for $4 at the Goodwill.  There's a Goodwill around the corner from my job.  It's bad news.  Or good news, depending on your perspective.

My original plan was to remove the sleeves, take in the bodice, and shorten the skirt.  Well, as we all know, my plans often change.  I removed the sleeves and took in the bodice.

But when I tried it on the check out the length, I fell in love.

I may look short in this dress, but I also look like a hippy princess.  What could be wrong with that!?

And what hippy dress would be complete without a big, floppy hat?

Certainly a summer favorite.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Homemade Laundry Detergent

A couple months back I told you all about my homemade body scrub; which I'm still using and absolutely love!  In that same post I wrote that I'd be doing more tutorials on natural items.  Well, I'm keeping my word and today I'd like to tell you a bit about homemade laundry detergent.

I've told you before that I like to save money wherever I can.  I also like to avoid harsh, unnatural chemicals as much as possible.  This laundry detergent gives me the best of both worlds!

I've seen lots of laundry detergent recipes out there.  Many are very good.  This is the one I've chosen to use and so for it's been great.

You'll need a 4 lb. box of Borax, a 4 lb. box of Baking Soda, a 3 lb. box of Washing Soda, and 3 bars of Fels Naptha soap (grated).  You can actually use any bar soap you'd like.  I just love the smell of Fels Naptha and it's specifically made for laundry.

You just throw it all together and mix it up.

Now you may notice that my container seems a little small for all those ingredients.  I actually split the recipe in half, simply because of the size of the container I have.  Cutting it in half means I spent about $5 all together on this batch of detergent.  The last batch I made (also a half batch) lasted me 6 months.  This averages out to less than $1 per month on laundry detergent.  Can you believe it!?!?  I'm only doing laundry for two people, so those of you with children or more people in the house will probably use it up quicker, but it's still going to be an incredible bargain.

I use a 2 tablespoon scoop and usually use warm water, just to make sure everything dissolves well.  I haven't had any issues at all with residue.  My clothes are clean every time and they smell great!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So many pictures. So few words.

Two years ago I bought this dress.

Last year I turned it into this skirt.  But I never really liked the skirt very much.

Two or three years ago I bought this dress.

Last year I removed the bodice and started wearing it as a skirt.

No picture.

Last weekend I cleaned out my sewing closet and found the bodice.  I remembered the skirt that I didn't like very much and decided it was time the two became one.

I made a dress.

I wore this dress today.  I like it very much.

The end.