Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My lovely friend Sarah celebrated her birthday in December.  Last week, she finally received her birthday gift from me!  It's not that it took me five months to make it.  The problem is that we didn't see each other for five months.  That is a SERIOUS problem.  I'm happy to report that my life has slowed down a bit and I was able to visit my dearest Sarah last week and grace her with my presents :)

I'll start by showing you where this gift began.  It was once a dress that I bought for $0.59 at a thrift store.
Nice, huh?
I removed the shoulder pads first.  They were huge!

I was trying to keep it as a dress but it just wasn't working so I removed the sleeves, took in the bodice, and cut off the skirt.
My little helper
Remember these embroidered flowers?  They're the gift that keeps on giving.  I cut a few out and stitched them to to the front of the new top.  

Then this beautiful top hung in my closet for five months.  But last week it made its way to its rightful owner!

I forgot to bring my camera so I took this picture with my phone.  That's why the photo isn't terribly clear  but you get the idea.  I LOVE how this top came out.  Can't say I didn't try it on a couple of times during those five months :)

Happy belated birthday, Sarah!

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  1. I have got to say from before to after - super drastic, super fabulous. One of my favorite recreations so far.