Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another blue muu muu

I got this dress yesterday at a thrift store half-price sale (one of my favorite things).  It cost $3.  It also cost me a little dignity.  I was getting my hair done at the salon next door and it just so happens that my hair dresser is one of my closest friends.  Somehow she convinced me to go to the thrift store while my color was processing.  This means I was walking around with foil in my hair and a plastic bag over my head.  Oh yeah, and a towel around my shoulders. I'm going to go ahead and say the strange looks I received were worth what I got with this little number.  Look at the pretty colors!

No, I did not gain 50 lbs. since the last time you saw me.  The dress just managed to have that super poofy effect that many muu muus were designed for.  I'm pretty sure the creator of muu muus didn't want anyone to know that the wearer bears any sort of female figure.

The colors drew me in but the details sold me.  

To give this dress the shape it needed I had to make a few more adjustments than I expected.  I actually started with some serious pleats on the back of the dress.  You know, to get rid of some of that poof we were talking about.

I took in the sides quite a bit and took off a few inches of length.  I hemmed to skirt up to just below the detail at the bottom.  
This dress really just wouldn't work without a belt so I brought out an oldie but goodie.  If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you know this belt well.  It just goes with everything!

Now that it's warming up, I can actually work on more of these cute little dresses.  Dresses really are my favorite.

You might notice in the pictures that the sleeves are gone.  I didn't remove them.  I just tucked them under.  That way I have options.

Boy do I love the detail on this dress.

Thanks for stopping by friends.  I hope you all are enjoying warmer weather as well!


  1. beautiful wife

  2. If only you were wearing the blue mumu, unaltered, while you had foil in your hair, and a towel around your neck, while thrifting. THAT would have been great :)

  3. I agree with the comment above, haha! The dress is a great find, and you did a nice job with the reconstruction. The details and colors at the yoke are very pretty. Love it!

  4. Very pretty! If only muu muus were as easy to come by here in the UK...