Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flower Power

It's a really lame title, but titles are tough.

So I got this beautiful dress a couple of weeks ago for $3.00 at a thrift store.  It was actually during the same trip where I had foil on my head.

It's a little bit Blossom.  Imagine me wearing a denim hat with a big, fake daisy on the front.  Pretty sweet, right?

I started by removing the sleeves.

Then I hemmed the raw edge and took in the sides a little bit.  That actually didn't create as much shaped as I thought so I created a couple of darts in the front, as well.
After I was done with all the bodice work, I cut almost a foot off the bottom.  I was tired at this point, and because this fabric doesn't fray, I just left the edge raw.  I may hem it later so it doesn't start to curl up, but for now it's fine.

Now the dress is way fun!  It makes me do lots of dance-y poses.

In the last picture I was falling forward, but I think it's a good shot of the dress, so I decided to let you see.
I also get really excited when I can wear those mint colored shoes. 

I wore my new dress on Saturday for a little BBQ with friends.  It was perfect for the 100 degree weather we had that day, which came after the previous weekend when it was in the 50s and hailing.  So strange.

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  1. This is way cute, and you look like you feel happy wearing it. How could you not be joyful while wearing such a fun and colorful dress, right? I love how you paired it with green flats. It really completes the outfit. Great remake! Our weather has been strange like yours for the past month, just all over the place.