Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Potato Sack Pillow

You all know burlap is kind of a big deal right now.  People are putting burlap on everything.  Which is totally cool with me; I like burlap.  It's so earthy and full of texture.  
While I was shopping at my favorite produce stand a few weeks ago, I spotted some burlap up on a shelf.  It turned out there was a pile of potato sacks for sale.  Score!  Cheap burlap with added print and color.

I bought one sack for $2.99.  When I got home a threw my burlap on the floor of my craft room/sewing room/ office and totally forgot about it.  Then one day a naked pillow form was staring me in the face, begging to be covered.  So, I obliged.

I folded the potato sack in half before I started stitching.  That way the pillow cover is double-layered and you can't see any of the white pillow form.  

I didn't use the sewing machine at all.  I pushed the pillow down into the bottom corner of the potato sack so that half the stitching was already done.  Then I cut around the excess material, folded over the edges, and used hemp to stitch it all together.

You can see in the back it's a little ragged.  I already know of a couple of things I'd like to do differently next time, but this one turned out nicely, in my opinion.

It's a perfect compliment to my favorite chair.

So, if you like burlap and/or you like contests, check out these two sites where you can buy or win some burlap.

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