Monday, August 1, 2011

Lookin' good for practically nothing

It's been almost a year since I turned this

into this

I loved how it turned out and I got tons of great feedback.  Well I pulled this piece out of the closet last week and realized I could really change of the look without any work.  I added a different belt and wore it as a dress.

Not only did I feel totally adorable that day, but I was really proud of how much this outfit cost me.  I just had to share with you.

I bought this dress, turned tunic, turned mini dress last year at a garage sale for $0.50.  Then I got the belt last week at a thrift store for $0.45.  For a grand total of $0.95 I had a complete outfit!  The boots, which I thrifted two weeks ago for $10.85 took my total up a bit, but even so, I'm look at less than $12.00 for the full ensemble.  It may sound silly, but this stuff is absolutely thrilling for me.  I love being able to show people that fashion doesn't have to cost a fortune.  

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