Thursday, July 28, 2011

What do you do with a blue muu muu?

Leave it to a muu muu to inspire creativity.  I bought this at a garage sale for $0.50 a couple of months ago.  

Pretty, right?  I love the colors and the big flowers.  I also like the rainbow print on the bottom and the sleeves.  While deciding what to do with this dress I kept the rainbow in mind, wondering how on earth I could use it.

I made up my mind fairly quickly that I'd like to make a skirt.  I haven't made a skirt in quite a while.  And in order to keep the pretty print in tact, I had to use the center of the dress.  This means the rainbow had to go :(

I chopped off the bottom, then I chopped off the top and I was left with the makings of a skirt.

I did a bit more chopping and adjusting before I got the fit right.  Sometimes I forget that I have hips and I try to put things on my hips that just won't go.  That's what happened here.  So, like I said, more adjusting.

My original plan was to attach the skirt to a thick band of exposed elastic to create the waist, then I had a brilliant idea: the rainbow!  I created a casing out of the rainbow strip from the bottom of the skirt.

The final product
Weird pose, but you can see the waistband

I wore this lovely ensemble to church on Sunday and then just around the house.  It was so comfortable. Great for a summer day.

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  1. Yes! I love a good muumuu. This turned out really cute. I love the colors, which is usually drives me to buy them!