Thursday, July 7, 2011

All the pretty flowers

It's been super stinkin' hot.  No question about it.  When it's crazy hot like this I can't bear to wear jeans.  So in the summer time I tend to wear as many skirts and dresses as possible.  (Cue picture of new summer dress)

I acquired this cute little number from a thrift store at the bargain price of $0.25.  I was drawn in by the colors and the pattern, as usual.  The dress had some problem areas though.  First, it was just all around too big.

I pinned it up, took in the bodice AND the skirt, and took some length off the bodice by re-hemming the shoulders.  Then I moved on to repairs.
The dress had a few holes.

And these HUGE pockets with bows on them.

I just had to remove the pockets.  They were too much.
Finally I replaced a couple of buttons and I was all set.

Can't you just feel the summer breeze?

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