Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recreate Jewelry

Last night I realized I was in need/want of new jewelry.  I have a ton of jewelry that I've made just sitting around waiting to be sold.  But those pieces belong to someone else.  I wanted make something that would belong to me.

I decided to pull out a bunch of old pieces of jewelry that I don't wear anymore (and that my friend gave me because she doesn't wear them anymore) and see what I could come up with.

Considering my options, the possibilities seemed endless.  Most of these pieces have way too much going on.  I really wanted something simple.  So I started taking things apart.  These earring were the first to be disassembled.

Using just the heart, the earring hook, the jump loops, and the orange bead I put together these adorable things!

Way better, right?!  That was just too easy though.  I still had all these necklaces just waiting to be torn apart.  Once I made the earrings, I started to get a picture in my mind of what sort of necklace would go well with them.  So I began removing the beads from this necklace.

Then I attached all the beads to one jump loop.

After that I tied a ribbon to the gold chain that used to be my grandmother's.

And finally I attached the beaded jump loop to the gold chain.

Today I have new earrings and a new necklace to wear and I spent zero dollars!

Also, I'm pretty much blonde now. What???

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