Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Work Attire

I was in need (want) of something to wear to work.  This skirt caught my eye.

It was another $0.59 item from the thrift store near work.  Nothing terribly exciting.  Just a cream colored, high waisted skirt.

There were just a couple of changes to be made.  First: it was missing a button on the waist so I added one from my collection.

Second: I needed to take off some length so as not to make this 5'1" girl look any shorter.

And that was it!  I wore it with a plumb colored top from Forever 21 and my clearance wedges from Target and I was set for a day of teaching and therapizing (that's not really a word).



  1. It looks great! I love what you wore with it. I didn't realize that your are a shorter gal too. I'm 5'1" as well. Well, technically I'm 5', but sometimes I add an extra inch in there for good measure...If I stand up really straight it's kinda true. ;)