Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This ain't yo mama's denim jumper

Ok, well I suppose it could have been at one point, considering I bought it second hand.  But it ain't you mama's denim jumper no mo!

This was another $0.59 purchase.  I imagine your mom wearing it with a t-shirt underneath and her favorite clogs...maybe even those gray, wool socks.  Not anymore!  It took me a while but I finally decided what to do with this dress.  First, I had to get rid of the collar.

Hooray for my new dress form!

Next, I took in the sides and took off about 7 inches of length.  It was cold and rainy today so I wore my new jumper with leggings, and my new boots.

Much better, I'd say!


  1. off the hize fo shizzie


  2. Yo momma never had wool socks or clogs. But, she does like the new outfit!

  3. So cute! Fabulous job! Your boots are adorable, btw.