Monday, June 13, 2011

Nifty and thrifty

I just realized that today's outfit cost me a grand total of less than $10.00.  That's including the shoes which I got on clearance at Target about 3 years ago for around $7.00.  I picked up the dress at a garage sale on Saturday for $1.00.  The belt was a free hand-me-down.  I even made the hair clip out of scraps from other projects and the earrings were refashioned from another pair.  Not bad!

I'll explain the dress process.  This is how it began.

I knew immediately that I needed to get rid of those Lady Gaga style shoulder pads.

And this hole needed to be mended.

I took care of those two things in about 10 minutes.  I put the dress on and knew it could still be better.  It was a little loose around the waist so I took the waist in a couple inches.  Then I got an expert opinion from my husband and decided the sleeves needed to go.
The whole process was pretty simple.  I didn't have to do any hemming or make any major changes.

I think the hair clip topped things off nicely.

It was the perfect get-up for a sunny, afternoon baby shower.

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