Saturday, June 4, 2011


I don't typically get into wearing red, white, and blue for "American" holidays but I this new top worked so perfectly, I couldn't resist.

It started as this horrifying dress:
See, even my face was afraid.

This dress screamed 1990s.  And not in a good way at all.  The 90s had some redeeming fashion qualities.  There were a few grunge styles that I can still appreciate.  But I'm pretty sure this dress was worn with white platform flip flops at some point.  I can't really get on board with that.  

So, needless to say, the dress needed a change.  I knew from the beginning what I wanted to do.  First I cut off the top.
Then a folded over the raw edge and made a new hem.  It was still a little bit loose so I added some elastic to the sides.

I wore it on Memorial Day with a belt and red shoes.  It was a great American outfit.

No white platform flip flops here!

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  1. That was pretty scary to start out with. Haha! Great idea, and I love the red flats and skinny belt that you paired it with!