Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another twofer

This first item I wore for Thanksgiving but forgot to take a picture for the blog.  It wasn't until today that I finally decided to put it back on to show you all.  It's not that I don't like it; actually I love it.  I guess I've just been a busy girl.

Here's what it looked like before.

I bought this dress from a local thrift store for $2.50.  The print and colors totally drew me in.  It looked pretty sad once I had it on though.  The shape was just terrible.  And once again, the length was totally inappropriate for my height.

The first thing I did was take up the length.
On the left side of the picture you can see a preview of a future post.

Then I took in the sides.  That was about it.  The dress really just needed a bit of reshaping.  Nothing major.  I am incredibly pleased with the results.

This is the outfit I wore on Thanksgiving.  I am quite thankful for this dress.  I'm also thankful for God giving me the new boldness and creativity.  It's been incredible.

The next item was another one bought with my "gift certificate" to the thrift store.  It's nothing special but it caught my eye a couple of times when I was there so I finally bought it.  I think it's probably just because it reminds me of an old sweater one of my friends had when we were in middle school.
Even my face was bummed.

It was big, sad, and frumpy.  There wasn't much I could do with it other than take it in.  So I got to it, which took about 10 minutes.  I put it back on and it fit great but it was still too boring for my taste.  I decided to make a broach to wear with the recreated sweater.  I used my newly acquired skills for fabric rosette making and put this pretty, little thing together.

I attached the rosette to the sweater with a safety pin and I was done.

I am pleased.  I think I'll wear it to work tomorrow!


  1. Love the dress and especially love the Rosette. What site or book helped you learn how to make the rosette. I've been looking for a while for a site to make rosettes. Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks Nat! I look at so many blogs now that I can't remember where I found the tutorial. Instead I'll just give you the links to a lot of the blogs I look at. Hopefully you can find it :) If not, you will certainly be inspired to make 1,000 other things!

  3. Looking at the before and after face is my favorite part.