Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wall Art

My house has big walls.  I'm serious.  Really big walls.  We have high ceilings and long walls and I have a really hard time decorating because of it.  Now, I don't mean to complain.  I love our house and I'm thrilled that we live here.  It's just been tough over the past two years to get started on any given wall because I either have to hang one giant piece, or a bunch of little ones.

After picking up an awesome frame at The Goodwill for $6.00 I was inspired to create the following piece to help fill some wall space.

It's tough for you all to see the size of the piece in this picture because you have no frame of reference.  I'll just tell you, this is one of our small walls, and thank goodness, my new art almost fills the space.

The design was actually inspired by my Ikea coasters.

The frame came with a cardboard print in it, which I wasn't terribly fond of.  I used the cardboard and stretched brown burlap around it, securing the burlap with staples.  Then I cut pieces of fabric and glued them to the burlap.  I used a rotary cutter for the tree, which helped to keep the lines straight, and I used fabric glue to glue the pieces of fabric to the burlap.

I got the burlap in the remnants bin at JoAnn for less than $2.00 and all the fabric I used were scraps from previous projects.  This means I spent less than $8.00 for the entire piece.

Beside saving money, another thing that is so awesome about creating my own wall art, is that I can use whatever colors I want to accent the room.  This piece is hanging in my living room, which is mostly decorated in browns, oranges, and greens.  

I'm thrilled about how it turned out and have had numerous compliments.  So much fun.

So, if you like burlap and/or you like contests, check out these two sites where you can buy or win some burlap.

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