Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I saw this picture floating around Pinterest a few weeks ago and I just loved the outfit.

I remembered that I bought a skirt a couple months back that would be perfect to help me recreate this look.

I bought it at a thrift store for $1.25.  Oh, how I love the monthly half-price sale!
The skirt reminded me of an Amish safari.  That's probably not a thing, but it's what came to mind.

I didn't have to do much.  I just took a bunch of the length off and hemmed the bottom.

It was a little cold the day I wore this outfit so I added a sweater.  Here's my version of the picture from Pinterest!

It was another early-morning photo shoot so my face wasn't quite awake yet.  But you get the idea of the outfit.  

Now I have to tell you a cute story.
I work with kids, which is fantastic and never boring.  I was walking with a 10-year-old girl and she said, "I like your pants-things that come out from under your dress."  I can only assume she was talking about my nylons.  Do kids not know what nylons are anymore!?  They have to at least know tights, right!?  Anyhow, she is adorable so I had to share :)

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