Tuesday, January 10, 2012

As promised

The remainder of the better sweater.

Everything is pretty straightforward and simple.  For the boot socks (really, leg warmers) I just measured my leg and cut two pieces from the sweater.

Then I sewed the individual pieces lengthwise and did a zig zag stitch along the bottom so it doesn't fray.

I finally had an opportunity to wear them on Sunday.  It wasn't necessarily cold, but it was cooler AND it was windy so that drops the temperature a little.  Either way, I just needed an excuse to wear these things.  Before we left for church, my husband said "Aren't your legs hot?  Are you itchy?"  Absolutely not!  

As evidenced by these pictures, I was perfectly comfortable and happy to be wearing my new boot socks.

On to the next!

The mittens were quite simple as well.  I used a folded piece of fabric and cut along the side of it so that part of the work was already done.  I just cut around my hand, leaving room to sew.

Then, like the others, I sewed along the seam and turned them right side out.

I'm not sure how one displays mittens for a picture.  I tried a couple of awkward poses and landed on this picture of my mittened hand against the wall.

Now, mittens are not terribly functional, so I imagine myself wearing them for about five minutes and taking them off in frustration because I can't scratch my nose/ open a door/ eat a sandwich.  They're still fun to have though. And it probably took about 10 minutes to make them so, why not!?  

I hope you all have enjoyed learning how to make awesome stuff out of a sweater.  Now go do it!

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