Monday, November 22, 2010

Earrings from a shirt?! Now that's just crazy.

I once bought a shirt for a quarter.  It looked like this...

When I "recreated" the shirt I removed the sleeves, but I didn't throw them away because they had lovely embroidery on the ends.  I cut off the embroidered ends, unsure of how I'd use them.

Then it hit me...earrings!  I love earrings and how wonderful it would be to have pink, embroidered earrings!  So I cut out two individual flowers, added an earring hook to each, and sewed three clear beads to the centers.

Here they are!  Embroidered, fabric, beaded earrings.

And this is how they look on ears.

The best part is that earrings this large usually weigh my ears down and sometimes make them tender.  Not fabric earrings!  Oh the fun of fabric :)

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