Sunday, August 29, 2010

$6.00 outfit

Alright ladies.  This one is not meant to show you how amazing my sewing skills are.  Today I want to show just how little you can spend on a great outfit.

I bought the top for a quarter last Sunday, I bought the skirt for fifty cents today, and I bought the shoes on clearance at Target last week for $4.74.  All together I spent less than $6.00 on the entire outfit.  And I must say, I'm feeling very Betty Draper in this ensemble.

Forgive the photography.  I had to take this one myself.  But I think you get the picture.  Fun, right???  You can do it too!  Until recently I honestly thought garage sales for clothing would be a waste time.  Boy was I wrong.


  1. Yep, that outfit looks like it came straight from Mad Men. I love it, you look really good in it, sexy woman!

  2. You are amazing, and sooo talented!