Friday, December 30, 2011

Best of 2011

Everybody else is doing it, so why shouldn't I?!

I'd like to present to you the top 11 posts of 2011.
(Where did the time go???)

In January, I turned a couple of leftover pockets into a heart-shaped pillow.

In March, I thrifted an old picture frame and turned it into a hanging display for my earrings.

In May, I embellished three tank tops for myself and my girlfriends to wear to a Prince concert!  We had so much fun and I'm pretty sure our tank tops had something to do with it ;)

During the same month, I also made a few adjustments on one of my favorite thrifted dresses ever.

In July, I turned a men's dress shirt into this fun little dress.

In August, I was very busy! I have three favorites from the month of August.  First, I rolled out my Etsy Shop.

Then, I thrifted and refashioned this work outfit.

Finally, I made a fun summer dress out of an old-lady dress.
Actually, I think I did all of those things in the opposite order, but oh well.

In October, I made you all jealous by showing you the amazing chair I thrifted for $15!

In November, I made a frumpy old sweater into a hip, happenin' sweater.

And finally, in December, I had a happy accident and dyed a pair of jeans pink.

Thank you all so much for reading my blog.  This hobby of mine is way to fun not to share, so I truly appreciate that you all are interested.  I hope and pray that the new year brings joy for all of you.

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  1. You have certainly been busy this past year. You made such a variety of fun and cute things. Great job!